Old installations – a ticking bomb?

Newly refurbished manhole

The regular inspection of installations is an important aspect not to be underestimated where drinking water and wastewater structures need to be maintained as valuable elements of our supply and disposal networks.

Regular inspections are the only way to ensure the plants and their peripherals can safely be operated a long time.

It is of fundamental importance to early identify defects, damage and weak points by regular inspection so that these can be expertly eliminated as soon as possible. The risks of continuing with run-down equipment are not to be neglected, especially not in the field of drinking water supply!

In practice, there are various reasons why it may become necessary to refurbish equipment:

  • The installation is already damaged and represents a risk for its functional reliability.
  • The installation represents a safety risk for life and health.
  • There is the risk that a defect may develop into a damage,
  • The drinking water is or could be adversely affected.
  • The required effluent quality of the wastewater treatment plant cannot be met anymore.
  • The reliable and trouble-free operation cannot be guaranteed anymore.
  • Operation and maintenance costs are too high.
  • Unauthorized persons could wilfully cause damage if equipment is old and worn down.
  • The plant or structure does not meet anymore the legal and/or technical requirements.
Retrofitting a drinking water reservoir made easy with a reliable air filter plant

There are different options of long-lasting, reasonable refurbishments for different specific requirements. A lot can often be achieved already with simple measures!

Special products and plants made of stainless steel offer the optimal conditions for a safe and reliable function over a long time, provided they are processed and installed professionally.

For many years, the products and techniques offered by HUBER SE have well proven their efficiency in many different environmental applications. Plant operators can profit in the long term, both in technical and economic terms.