Eleven industrial-technical apprentices with successful graduations at HUBER

Successful graduates at HUBER: two technical product designers, four metalworkers specialising in construction technology and five precision mechanics specialising in mechanical engineering successfully completed their vocational training at HUBER at the beginning of the year.

Successful graduates honoured by CEO Georg Huber and the trainers

HUBER congratulates the former apprentices on their successful graduations. They all mastered their three-and-a-half-year training period with flying colours and are now looking forward to starting their careers at HUBER SE.

Integrated into their departments as permanent employees

The technical product designers Alina Brüderlein and Laura Hrubesch have both been working permanently in their teams in the Operative Technology department since January.

The newly graduated industrial workers have also already been taken on as skilled employees in the cutting and machining departments and the body shop and are fully integrated into the working life of HUBER SE: the metalworkers Jamie Robertson, Tobias Mederer, Michael Schlirf and Lukas Glashauser have been taken on in the body shop production.

The precision mechanics Noel Häring, Lukas Niebler and Pascal Wutz have been working in the machining department since the beginning of February. The cutting department has received support from two more precision mechanics, namely Benedikt Heß and Robert Gergert.

Congratulations from the board and trainers

Georg Huber (CEO and Chief Financial &HR Officer of HUBER SE) and the trainers congratulated the young colleagues on their successful examination. HUBER is looking forward to welcoming the young graduates as permanent employees in the company and to the continuing the successful cooperation.